Excalibur Exchange is a Decentralized protocol built with a focus on sustainability and capital efficiency. Ownership and governance of the protocol will be truly decentralized, from day one vesting into the hands of traders, liquidity providers and listed projects growing the ecosystem. Advanced shareholding mechanisms, time vault staking & project-owned liquidity ensure that we can reach this holy grail.

Fair to everyone

All platform fees (mainly deposits and swaps) collected are redistributed in a unique way to reward in a fairer and more subtle way all participants in the Excalibur ecosystem.
Appreciating that one size does not fit all, all the strategies and needs of the different market players have been taken into account in order to provide the adapted incentives and rewards, and to find the right balance between them.
Whether you're a veteran liquidity provider looking for higher long term returns through staking, a trader that needs a high velocity market that consistently delivers the best pricing, or a new project launching and seeking to have greater control of your own liquidity, you will be able to find it here. The market has multiple sides and we will keep optimizing the experience to ensure everyone has a seat at the round table.

Flexible and adaptive

In the exceptionally fast-moving world of DeFi, what differentiates a successful long-term project from a "shooting star" is its perpetual ability and desire to adapt to the market.
With this in mind, we have put in place a set of operating parameters that can be readjusted to match the changing needs of the market.
The enormous change brought about by the ability to adjust each peer's fees individually, or the various incentive mechanisms such as our unique fee redistribution system or the transaction fee mining feature, is what makes Excalibur truly special in terms of flexibility. It ensures that the market can always be brought back into balance.


One of the key elements taken into account during the design of Excalibur was its ability to integrate with an existing performing ecosystem (hence our initial choice to launch on Fantom), but also to create and develop its own.
Our goal has been to allow all types of projects (from farms, to aggregators, to reserve currencies...) to plug into our protocol in a fairer and more efficient way. This is achieved by allowing them to take advantage of our ability to adapt to their own strategies through our comprehensive feature set, including customizable swap fees or project specific liquidity to meet the market needs.
This is also achieved through our "fair to everyone" philosophy, which has also led us to create the possibility to offer our partners a share of the volume they generate through our unique swap referral system, creating an additional income stream for projects to support their growth.
If competition has an obvious interest in any sector, we also believe that intelligent collaboration and synergies between projects of the same ecosystem can only have positive consequences for all the market actors, and will be the best way to bring DeFi to new heights. Be it scaling a mount or reaching for the grail, whatever analogy you choose, this is a journey that is not taken alone.

Configured for growth

The entire Excalibur decentralized protocol has been designed and configured for growth. The "ecosystem" orientation chosen, as well as the flexibility and general adaptability of its operation, are obviously key to this, but are not sufficient on their own to achieve it.
While we have sought to accommodate the different investment strategies that exist according to the different user profiles we wish to attract, we have above all sought to incentivize and reward long term capital staking, in order to help creating stable liquidity over time. This is why unique and innovative features such as our shareholding and dividend system, or time vault staking, have been implemented.
To this can be added deflationary mechanisms to better control our supply, the iplementation of which will be continuously evaluated throughout the development of our protocol.

A unique shareholding mechanism

In tackling the solution of long term alignment, Excalibur was built with a unique shareholding and governence system, based on the existence of two tokens, its main token EXC, and a second token acting as shares of a company, GRAIL.
Through this original operation, the platform users who make the most useful contributions and help build up stable liquidity will be rewarded with passive income paid as daily dividends from the platform fees, in a manner that scales over time as the project grows, creating meaningful long-term rewards.

DAO & governance

Since a shareholding mechanism has been set up, it seemed obvious and natural to add a governance system based on the ownership of these shares.
Thus, a governance based on our shareholding token GRAIL will allow via voted proposals to pilot the DAO treasury, the general direction of the project and various management choices.
Our goal will be to progressively bring this governance to its maximum autonomy over time and into the widest set of holders, the users of Excalibur itself.

Safe and secure

Anyone familiar with DeFi knows how unreliability and lack of security have always been the worst plagues in the industry. That's why these issues have been our top priority, both in the design and in the realization of the Excalibur protocol.
This is achieved through systematic good code practices, as well as the use of an exhaustive suite of unit and functional tests.
We have also enlisted the services of what we believe to be, like many in this space, the best auditing company, Paladin, in order to have the most efficient code review possible.
Finally, because safety and security are not only about the code, but also about other factors like management and processes, have put in place solid guarantees for the users through the use of timelocks, multisig wallets, but also via the constant feeding of project-owned liquidity, and of our very own SAFU fund.
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