Time vault staking

Time vault staking is available in Excalibur through the two lock slots of every farm available for all users.
Contrary to traditional staking, users get to choose a lock duration during which he will be unable to withdraw his deposit. In exchange, he will receive additional farming rewards. The longer the lock, the more bonus rewards will be earned.
The existence of two lock slots offers the possibility to refine one's staking strategy, by making two simultaneous deposits with different lock durations and amounts (and even counting three with the regular slot).


Time vault staking offers two different kind of rewards:
  • Regular rewards: basically the same as those that would be obtained through traditional staking
  • Bonus rewards: the part earnt as an incentive to time vault staking
The pending rewards metrics is the sum of both regular and bonus rewards
The amount of bonus rewards will be directly proportional to the duration of the lock. At most, a user will be able to lock its LPs for a 30 days duration, and get up to 50% extra rewards.
While regular rewards can be claimed at any time, bonus rewards are only available once the lock duration as passed, or in special conditions as stated in the rules section.


  • The lock duration can be from 1 to 30 days
  • When a deposit is made, it can't be withdrawn before the end of the lock duration
  • A deposit can be made from the user wallet, but also directly from the regular slot in which case there won't be any deposit fee
  • Once the lock duration has been completed, a user can either:
    • withdraw his LPs
    • transfer his LPs to the regular slot
    • relock his deposit for the duration of its choice
  • Regular rewards can be harvested at any time
  • Bonus rewards can be harvested either at the end of the lock duration, or when the user chooses to relock its deposit before the end. In this case, both regular and bonus rewards will be harvested, but the LPs will be relocked for at least the same duration.